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Dreamz Into Goals Org awarded BIG 6 Scholarships to 6 students for college for SY2023.  August is a busy  month.  Students headed back to school will receive free backpacks and school supplies at our 2nd Annual Back to School & Bike Meet Up Event on August 20th.  B. Magritte Gallery will award tablets and showcase their talent.  It doesn't end there.  B. Magritte Gallery provides a venue and opportunity for artists every 3rd Sunday of the month. Mark 28th of August for a Casino Night Fundraiser and a chance to support our students in all our events.


A student that is supported succeeds.  Dreamz Into Goals pursues innovative ways to motivate, inspire and cultivate impressionable minds.  We give back to our community through our youth.  We provide free tutoring services, a monthly laptop giveaway program, BIG 6 scholarships, support events and referral to counseling resources.  All our programs seek to support our youth from “cradle to career” with the aim to turn their dreams into goals.


The youth are our future and they are full of hope. The intent is to back our expectations with our support in the form of educational resources such as free laptops, school supplies, bikes or skates to get to school, haircuts and shoes, training & tutoring and mentorship services, referral to mental health counseling services for the youth and their family that supports them.  We hold food drives, toy drives, and numerous themed events to support, celebrate and alleviate stress. All this helps our youth turn their dreams into goals!


DIGLIFE’s FHSTTL (From High School to the League):

These are a series of contests for students to participate in and gain mentorship and possible certifications in a particular area. We will have a contest spanning Art, Coding, Music, Investment, and Culinary, The winner of the contest will be provided an opportunity to sit with a professional or take certifications paid for by DIGLIFE’s organization. We hope to get students started early earning and learning to invest and save.


The Laptop Program aims to close the divide and ensures that students that otherwise cannot afford a laptop have this opportunity. To date, many of our laptop recipients have the desire to code and/or see endless options and potential with owning a laptop. That is our intent is to help connect these brilliant students with the resources required to pursue this career option.


The DIG Back2School event resulted from a conversation about how numerous Long Beach students ride bikes to and from school and to get around. These same students are best supported with backpacks and school supplies. Our first event provided over 70 backpacks filled with school supplies and 3 lucky students went home with a bike raffled for free! We also paired up with a local bike shop at the event to provide repairs and parts for everyone that showed up with a bike. DIG events rock out with DJ music, family activities, and local pro and semi-pro bikers to support the hype. On August 07, 2021, through donations and volunteer services we were able to service cater to over 70 students and provided fun and festive activities for the whole family. This included face painting, an art station, and games for the whole family.


The Skate Turn Up is a free, fun and engaging event at which students and family members spend the day at the park with their kids while they receive free haircuts, free skateboards and roller blades, free shoes and witness pro and semi pro skaters showcase their craft. DJs spinning the latest music and performances by local artists entertained while face painting and an art station was all the rave by students and their family. Held twice a year, this event recorded 60 pairs of shoes, rollerblades and numerous skateboard giveaways received at the event.


The GALA is our showcase where we honor DIG students that decided to make their dreams into goals and continue to stay the course as well as our honorary supporters. A formal affair that highlights our laptop giveaway recipients, our stars that aspire to go From High School to the League (FHSTTL), and to celebrate success; DIG will BIG 6 Scholarships $600 to 6 HS Seniors. This event is  highlights our local artists with the presentation of a Fashion Show.  DIG Sponsors and volunteers that Live2Give will be recognized for their valuable contributions ensuring that we continue to turn Dreamz Into Goals.

Logistics & Support:

Volunteers in this category would support in preparation for and during event set up and execution which may include coordinating the transportation of and or set up/breakdown of tents, event stations, and/or manning stations throughout the event. Your time and support is most welcome.


Volunteers in this category would support by preparing for and attending fundraising events which may include manning stations or pop-up events at which promoting DIG programs will happen. Pop-up events are varied and require flexible and motivated participation and that could be you today.


Volunteers in this category will work with DIG Tutoring Program students to assist in either Math or English subjects. Tutors undergo a national/criminal and sex offenders’ database background check and attend an orientation. Tutoring sessions are conducted online and tutors and students are supported through the use of an academic learning platform to track success. Support of our students is the greatest honor earned and if you have the time and desire a student will greatly benefit from your support today.

Consulting & Specialty Support:

Volunteers that want to provide consulting or specialty support services are always welcome at Dreamz Into Goals. We are a group of like-minded individuals who seek to make a big impact and collaboration is key to our success.

Eric Totton Smith

Founder/ Chief Executive Officer

A graduate of Langston University in Oklahoma Eric earned his Bachelor’s in Broadcast Journalism and is a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity. Eric founded Dreamz Into Goals (DIG LIFE) in the Spring of 2021. His passion for giving started at an early age watching his mother give to the community in Oklahoma City. A resident of Long Beach, Eric draws from his personal experience and his goal is to bring tech to urban youth by giving out laptops, spotlighting crypto trading, and coding. All of which he considers the source of financial and intellectual empowerment.

Regina Andres Villacrusis

Chief Operations Officer

A graduate of the University of Phoenix in Arizona, Regina earned her Bachelor of Science in Business Management and anticipates graduating with her Masters in Business Administration. Regina is currently a Non Commissioned Officer in the United States Army with over 15 years of service. Regina has over 11 years of grant management experience and is passionate about the impact that Dreamz Into Goals has in the lives of urban youth and her Long Beach community – her aim is to advance it.

Ryan Reather

Chairman of the Board

A graduate of Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa Ryan earned his Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences: Health Service Management. Ryan has over 10 years of experience in leadership in quality management and business strategies. Early on, Ryan recognized the energy that Eric exudes about empowering the youth and Ryan knew he wanted to work with Eric. Ryan’s natural ability to connect and teach kids, his peers, and adults as well as the success he has achieved at Molina Health is a big reason why he wants to provide opportunities to others and give back.

Micah Haywood Jr.

Director of Technology

Micah has over 12 years of experience in technology with a degree and background in Electrical Computer Engineering. Micah was fortunate that his family cared heavily about math and math was the language he learned well. Technology is a language whether coding or social language; Micah’s family started a program for students in high school in Morris County, New Jersey. Micah believes in teaching the next generation and is passionate about Social Tech and the environment. Dreamz Into Goals gives our youth the potential to reach the stars; if they end up on the moon they will be so much better for it.

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