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2023 Annual Report

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Desk of the President

At DIG LIFE, we believe in the power of support to transform lives. Our mission to empower underprivileged scholars from Long Beach across the globe has driven us to create impactful, education-based programs. These initiatives not only address the immediate challenges faced by our youth but also lay the foundation for their future success. This past year has been a testament to the resilience and potential of the scholars we serve, marking a period of significant growth and achievement for DIG LIFE.

“Join Us on This Journey”

Become a part of something greater. Join DIG LIFE in empowering the next generation of leaders from Long Beach to the world. Your support turns dreams into tangible goals and bright futures. Let’s build this legacy together. Donate/Contact us to learn how you can contribute.

future-oriented Vision

Our Mission, Vision, And Values

“Empower Urban Scholars Today”

Embrace our mission to transform urban scholars’ lives by fostering success from kinder to career. Your engagement can mobilize a movement of learning, giving, and community building. Reach out now to see how your talents and resources can make a difference.

Signature Events & Programs

$150K support



Over 1,900 Students Supported: Through collaborations and generous donations, we’ve provided over $150K in support, directly impacting the lives of our scholars and their communities.

  1. The current Unemployment Rate for California sits in the top 5 position in the USA with 4.7% unemployment claims
  2. The current Inflation Rate for Long Beach CA, $278.83 last month and up from $270.35 one year ago and 2.48% from one year ago.
  3. Pandemic Recession affect on Long Beach the average household income in Long Beach is $104,313 with a poverty rate of -15.05% 
  4. A Mentorship Program is in place to combat the following statistics – 85% of youths in prison come from fatherless homes. 71% of high school dropouts come from fatherless homes. 90% of all homeless and runaway children are from fatherless homes. Nearly 25 million children live without their biological father.

“See the Impact, Be the Impact”

Witness the transformation of over 1,900 students and be inspired to act. Your contribution, whether through donations, volunteering, or partnerships, propels our mission forward. Help us expand our reach and deepen our impact. Act now to support future scholars.

Stories of Transformation

Our events and programs have touched lives, transforming challenges into opportunities for growth and success. From the joy at our Skateboard & Shoe Giveaway to the practical support provided by our Laptop Giveaway Program, every initiative is a step towards a brighter future. 

Testimonials from participants like Colleen Aguirre and Arnez Sephus highlight the profound impact of our efforts, illustrating the tangible difference we make in the lives of our scholars.

“Be Part of Their Story”

Read the inspiring stories of transformation and know that you can be a catalyst for change. Whether mentoring, donating, or simply spreading the word, your involvement writes the next chapter of success for our scholars. Contact us to start making a difference today.


Colleen Aguirre – “ My son and his friend had a blast; they both won 2 skateboards in the raffle. They said it was the best day ever!! We definitely will be back next year.” 



Financial Overview

Financial Overview

In 2024, DIG LIFE demonstrated fiscal responsibility and impactful allocation of resources with a gross income of $50,000. Our funding model, supported by 70% donor contributions, 20% grants, and 10% merchandise sales, ensures sustainability and growth. Detailed financial and budget information is available upon request, underscoring our commitment to transparency and accountability.

“Invest in Their Future”

With a proven track record of impactful programs and responsible financial management, your investment in DIG LIFE is an investment in the future of our youth. Request our detailed financial and budget information to see how every dollar contributes to their success.

Looking Forward

DIG LIFE remains dedicated to expanding our reach and deepening our impact. Through initiatives like the Bigg Sixx Scholarship Program, Free Youth Resource Guide, and the Community Canvas Art Program, we continue to innovate and support our scholars’ journeys from middle school to career.

Our vision for the future is one where every young person in Long Beach has the support, resources, and opportunities to thrive. Join us in making this vision a reality.

Closing Thoughts from R. Raether, Board Chair:

“Serving as Chairman for DIG LIFE has been a privilege, highlighting the importance of mentorship and community support. The path we’ve embarked on is just the beginning. Together, with your continued support, we can forge a brighter future for our youth, their families, and our community.”

Where Dreams Into Goals Become Reality


or more information, to donate, or to join our cause, please visit our website or contact us directly. Together, we make a difference.


“Let’s Build Brighter Futures Together”

As DIG LIFE looks forward, we invite you to be part of our journey. Your support, whether financial, in-kind, or through volunteerism, is crucial to our mission. Together, we can create a world where every student has the opportunity to succeed. Contact us today to learn how you can make a lasting difference.