Celebrating the Legacy of Damien "Big Six" Lewis:
The Heart of the Bigg Sixx Scholarship Program

In the heart of every family, there are stories that shape and define its members. Today, I invite you on a journey through the inspiring legacy of my cherished little cousin, Damien Lewis, who was not just family, but a beacon of joy and ambition.

Damien, affectionately known as “Big Six” – akin to the largest domino piece in the game – was more than a cousin to me; he was like a little brother, a comrade in the countless hours we spent playing dominoes. Those games were not merely a pastime but a bond, woven with laughter and joy, that connected us deeply. I still remember the day I introduced him to the game, a memory now etched in the fabric of our shared history.

Life’s circumstances often pulled us in different directions, yet our bond remained unbreakable despite the physical miles between us. After relocating to Oklahoma City, our reunions were limited to precious summers, but the distance could never diminish the connection we shared. Damien’s decision to pursue a career as a barber brought a new dimension to our relationship. I stood by him, supporting him through his journey from dropping him off at barber school before my college classes to picking him up on my way home. I had the privilege of witnessing his transformation into a masterful barber, understanding firsthand the profound impact one man with clippers can have on a community.

Tragically, Damien’s journey was cut short when he departed from us in December 2021. In his memory, I resolved to perpetuate his legacy of benevolence through the creation of the “Bigg Sixx” Scholarship Program. This initiative isn’t just a scholarship fund; it’s a beacon of support for high school students striving to realize their dreams of higher education or pursuing a trade. In 2022, we proudly granted six $600 scholarships to deserving students. Our aspiration for 2023 is to double that impact.

Your support can help transform these aspirations into reality. I believe in the collective power to make a profound difference in the lives of young individuals. Your generous donation can breathe life into Damien’s legacy, empowering students relentlessly pursuing their goals. Join us in championing dreams by contributing to the “Bigg Sixx” Scholarship Program today. Together, we can be the catalyst for change in the lives of these aspiring young minds.

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