Empowering LA's Youth: Introducing the Children/Youth Resource Guide

Hey Dreamers,

We’ve got some exciting news to share! At Dreamz Into Goals (DIG) LIFE, we’re always striving to make a positive impact on the lives of young people in our community. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce our latest initiative in collaboration with Parkinson’s C.O.R.E. Collaborative and UCLA Health: the Children/Youth Resource Guide for Los Angeles County!

What is the Children/Youth Resource Guide?

This guide isn’t just another booklet – it’s a lifeline for LA’s children and youth. We’ve worked tirelessly to compile a comprehensive resource hub that covers a wide range of services and support tailored to the unique needs of young people in our community. From re-entry programs to LGBTQ+ resources, scholarships/grants to mental health support – we’ve got it all covered!

How Your Support Makes a Difference

Your support allows us to print and distribute these guides all over LA County. At DIG LIFE, we attend events with 250-1000 students, many of whom may need these resources but don’t know how to access them. With your help, we can ensure that every young person in our community has access to the support and services they need to thrive.

Get Involved

Want to be a part of something truly impactful? Here’s how you can help:

  1. Donate: Your donation goes a long way in helping us print and distribute these guides to those who need them most. Every dollar counts!

  2. Spread the Word: Share this post with your friends, family, and followers on social media. Together, we can reach more people and make a bigger impact.

  3. Review the Resource Guide: Take a look at the resource guide and let us know if there are any organizations that should be listed. Your feedback helps us improve and expand our reach.

Together, We Can Empower LA’s Youth

At DIG LIFE, we believe that every young person deserves the chance to thrive. With your support, we can make that vision a reality. Thank you for joining us on this journey to empower LA’s youth and build a brighter future for our community.

Keep dreaming, keep striving, and keep turning those dreams into goals!

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